# Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our new Fiscal Year begins in a couple weeks, so I compiled a list of community developer events that I expect will take place in the next 12 months.

Please let me know if I am missing an important event in the region, if a date has been confirmed, or if you notice any errors in this list.

Event Location Dates URL
Codestock Knoxville, TN July 15-16 http://www.codestock.org/
Iowa Code Camp Coralville, IA July 23 http://iowacodecamp.com/
Cincinnati Day of Agile Westchester, OH July 29 http://dayofagile.org/ 
PyOhio Columbus, OH July 30-31 http://pyohio.org/
M3Conf Columbus, OH Aug 5 http://www.m3conf.com/
Tulsa Tech Fest Tulsa, OK Aug 5 http://techfests.com/Tulsa/2016/default.aspx
That Conference Wisconsin Dells, WI Aug 8-10 https://www.thatconference.com/
MidwestJS Minneapolis, MN Aug 10-12 http://midwestjs.com/
Music City Code Nashville, TN Aug 18-20 http://www.musiccitycode.com/
CloudDevelop Columbus, OH Aug 26 http://clouddevelop.org/
DogFood Con Columbus, OH Oct 5-6 http://dogfoodcon.com/
Ohio LinuxFest Columbus, OH Oct 7-8 https://ohiolinux.org/ 
Technology Hub Appleton, WI Oct 13 http://www.technologyhubconference.com/
DevSpace Huntsville, AL Oct 14-15 https://www.devspaceconf.com/
DevUp Conference St. Louis, MO Oct 20-22 http://devupconf.com/
Midwest Game Dev Expo Columbus, OH Oct 28-30 https://www.thegdex.com/
MKE DOT NET Milwaukee, WI Oct 29 http://www.centare.com/mke-dot-net/ 
Milwaukee Code Camp Milwaukee, WI Oct or Nov http://milwaukeecodecamp.com/
Chippewa Valley Code Camp Eau Claire, WI Oct 22 http://chippewavalleycodecamp.com/index.html
Detroit Dev Day Detroit, MI Nov? http://detroitdevday.org/
SharePoint Fest Chicago Chicago, IL Dec 6-9 http://www.sharepointfest.com/Chicago/
CodeMash Sandusky, OH Jan 10-13 http://www.codemash.org/
Northeast Wisconsin Code Camp Appleton, WI March? http://newcodecamp.com/
GR Dev Day Grand Rapids, MI March? http://grdevday.org/
Chicago Code Camp Chicago, IL April? http://chicagocodecamp.com/
Twin Cities Code Camp Minneapolis, MN April? http://www.twincitiescodecamp.com/#/home
Nebraska Code Camp Lincoln, NE May? http://nebraskacode.com/
PHPTek St. Louis, MO May? https://tek.phparch.com/
Chicago Coder Conference Chicago, IL June? http://chicagocoderconference.com/
Open Source North Minneapolis, MN June? http://opensourcenorth.com/
KCDC Kansas City, MO June? http://www.kcdc.info/