Parent Pathway lets you record information about your child throughout his or her life. You begin by listing vital information, such as name, weight, height about the child and information about you - the child's caregiver. You even list allergies and medication dosages and frequencies. The app will remind you when it is time to give the next dose.

Then, you can add notes every day. This can serve as a journal if you want to remember your thoughts as you watch your child grow. Or you can use it to record daily information about your child's health - There are event categories, such as Medication and Diet to track how your child is doing and what he or she is consuming.

Parent Pathway is free and would be a good app to keep track of your child's health and activities. You can use it to monitory medications, diet, and the effects of these or you can go back and read what you wrote about the child as he or she was growing up.

You can install Parent Pathway from here.