Apps of the Week

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I have 6 Windows Phone apps to show you this week. I tried each of them and they are all well done.

Applause Light

(Click here to install)


This app displays a big "Applause" button. Hold down this button to hear applause; release the button to stop it. You can choose from Light applause, Standing Ovation, rowdy applause, or Small Crowd. You will probably hear me using this app at the next technical presentation I attend (or that I present at)

My Minutes

(Click here to install)


Enter text notes about meetings you attend; A timer lets you record when the meeting  starts and stops, so it can calculate meeting duration. It even lets you assign notes to a particular time segment of the meeting.

World Flag Quiz

(Click here to install)


This quiz displays the flag of a country. You need to guess the country that represents. You win by correctly identifying flags and by going through the quiz faster.

Motivational Penguin

(Click here to install)


Open the app to see a penguin urging you to "Believe in Yourself!" or "Work hard! Keep fighting!" or "Don't give up your dreams!"
Set the Lock screen to update with one of these Penguin messages and change every hour (or daily or twice daily) so you can get random inspiration throughout the day.

Car Locator

(Click here to install)


Open this app and Save the location of your car; return to the app later for directions where you left your car.


(Click here to install)


This is a game in which you move a Panda back and forth along the ground, trying to catch fruit as it falls from the sky. Points for catching fruit; You lose when too much fruit hits the ground.