Agile (19)  ●

Agile (19)

John Petersen on How Scrum was Stolen
How and Why to Write a Status Report
The Agile Manifesto
My Journey to Agile
"Agile Retrospectives" by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen
Chris Klug on Software Development Up-Front Planning
Angela Dugan on Project Retrospectives
Doc Norton on Software Project Metrics
Peter Leeson on Organizational Change
Introducing Team Foundation Service - a hosted ALM solution
"Continuous Integration in .NET" by Marcin Kawalerowicz and Craig Berntson
"Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin
Todd Kaufman on Limitations of Agile
GANG10: Godfrey Nolan on Executable Requirements or BDD in .NET
Steve Bohlen on Agile Methods
Phil Japikse on Agile
"Lean Software Development – An Agile Toolkit" by Tom and Mary Poppendieck
Kirstin Juhl on Lean Manufacturing vs Lean Software Development
Advantages of agile sprints