DevOps (39)  ●

DevOps (39)

GCast 168: GitHub Action Triggers
GCast 167: GitHub Actions
GCast 166: GitHub Codespaces [GCast 166]
GCast 165: GitHub projects [GCast 165]
Eric Leonard on Kubernetes and Platform Engineering
Increasing Developer Velocity
Alex Mattoni on
Some Excellent Code Review Articles
A Lap Around DevSecOps
Mike Benkovich on Infrastructure as Code
What are Code Reviews, Why Should We Spend Time on Them, and How Can We Improve Them?
Hattan Shobokshi on Getting the Most Out of Bash Scripts
Damian Brady on MLOps
Donovan Brown on App Innovations
Tibi Covaci on Creating a GitHub Action
Mete Atamel on Serverless Containers
GCast 74: Continuous Deployment with Azure DevOps
GCast 73: Build an Azure DevOps Release Pipeline
GCast 72: Creating an Azure DevOps Build Pipeline
GCast 71: Integrating Visual Studio Solution with Azure DevOps Repo
GCast 70: Deleting an Azure DevOps Project
GCast 69: Azure DevOps Branch Policies
GCast 68: Azure DevOps Work Items
GCast 69: Azure DevOps Branch Policies
J Tower on the .NET CLI
GCast 67: Azure Repos, Branches, and Pull Requests
GCast 66: Creating a Repo in Azure DevOps
GCast 58: Creating and Deploying Azure Resources with ARM Templates
Hattan Shobokshi on TerraForm
Robert Greene on DevOps
Dan Rey on What's New In Windows 10
GCast 10: Using Chocolatey
Erwin Derksen on Office Click To Run
Chocolatey Package Manager and How I Use It
Resetting a Windows 10 PC
Rob Reynolds on Chocolatey
Donovan Brown on DevOps
GCast 9: Creating an Azure Virtual Machine
Matt Stratton on Chef