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Jeff Fritz on Deploying NET Aspire Applications
Scott Hunter on NET Aspire
Rocky Lhotka on Designing Distributed Systems
Valerie Gurka on Documentation in Software Engineering
Scott Hermes on Microsoft Fabric
Raj Krishnan on the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence
Michael Eaton on Sharing Knowledge
Technology and Friends, Episode 800: A Celebration of Friends!
Chris Nicholas on Enterprise Acceleration of AI
John Burns on Platform Engineering
Scott Kramer and Randy Dojutrek on The impact of AI on Tech Jobs
Hillel Wayne on TLA+
Paul Sheriff on Starting and Running a Successful Consulting Business
Gael Fraiteur on Metalama
Kashif Qureshi and Nick Simons on Fluid Framework
Jordan Thayer on the AI Landscape
Oren Eini on the Corax Search Engine Part 2
Oren Eini on the Corax Search Engine, Part 1
Michael Eaton on Sharing Knowledge
Jeremy Miller on The Case Against Clean Architecture
Alex Riviere on Fresh Hot CSS Features
Brian Gorman on a Microsoft Software Training Program for US Military Veterans
Jose And Laurel Mojica on Virtual Reality Storytelling
Brendan Burns on Creating Kubernetes
Kevin Gates on Photography
Steve Smith on Clean Architecture
Joël Hébert on API Security
Fernando da Silva on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Andy Randall on Linux and Azure
Nic Jackson on Hashicorp Vault
Ashton and Ryan Clark on TicketFalcon
Kristina Swanson on Microsoft Partner Programs
Steve Andrews on A Safe Work Environment
Cameron Turner on Predictive and Generative AI
Jon Skeet on Enhancing His Church's A/V System
D'Arcy Lussier on Microsoft's OpenAI Journey and Strategy
Nisaini Rexach on AI in Education
Eric Leonard on Kubernetes and Platform Engineering
Israel Ekpo on Vector Databases
Chris Woodruff on Career and Life Advice from an Old Guy in Tech
Mike Richter on Taking AI Apps to Production on Azure
Juan Llovet de Casso on Microsoft Fabric
J. Tower on Migrating Legacy ASP.NET Applications
Peter Laudati on What the Hack
Ashley Janelle on User Experience
Craig Shoemaker on Online Course Creation
Oren Eini on Building Projects that Endure
Michael Brown on Juneteenth Conference
Mike Amundsen on HyperCLI and HyperLANG
Dolly Desir on Application Monitoring
Tim Banks on the Solace of You
Andy Huang on Application Resiliency
Alex Mattoni on
Nikki Conley on Video Indexer
Pete Rodriguez on a Career in Technology
Mark Downie on DasBlog
Tommy Falgout on the Azure Marketplace and Transactable Containers
Keith Casey on ngrok and Webhooks
Chris Woodruff on HTTP
Eldert Grootenboer on Azure Service Bus
Ryan Booz on PostgreSQL
Haider Ghany on Azure Data Centers
Kevin Grossnicklaus on Low Code No Code Solutions
Guy Royse on Software Defined Radio
Matt Groves on Fluent Migrator
Scott Rutz on Dapr
Mike Shelton on Data Lakehouses
Jimmy Bogard on Vertical Slice Architecture and MediatR
Rob Richardson on Containerization
Kira Soderstrom on Power Platform
Brian Korzynski on Machine Learning Challenges for a C# Developer
Jeffrey Miller on Building a Second Brain
Peter Ritchie on Naming Things in Software Projects
Eric Lawrence on Web Browser Complexity
Beth Humphreys on Technical Leadership
Chander Dhall on AI in Azure, Google, and AWS
Buck Woody on Database Security
Stephen Rose on New Features in Microsoft Teams
Christina Aldan on Brain Performance and Memory
Dan Rey on Live Streaming
Caito Scherr on Apache Flink
Simeon Kakpovi and Greg Schloemer on a Cybersecurity game
Mike Benkovich on Infrastructure as Code
Brian Gorman on Messaging, Queueing, and Eventing in Azure
Joe Guadagno on Leadership
Don Miller on Headless Content Management Systems
Michael Richardson on Yarn Berry
Michael Scherotter on Galleryst
Darryl Hogan on Accelerating Technologies for Nonprofits
Jeff Fritz on .NET Conf
Michael Mishal on Reinforcement Learning
James McKee on Application Security vs Developer Security
Drew Brown on The New Technology Employment Contract
Shane Jones on Writing an App for the Vision Impaired
Adi Polak on LakeFS
Henning Rauch and Vincent Philippe Lauzon on Azure Data Explorer
Sarah Sexton on Using Technology to Stay Sane During Stressful Times
Beijie Zhang on Technical Interviews
Dasith Wijesiriwardena on OpenTelemetry
Douglas Starnes on Python and Azure
Shannon Kuehn on Workload Identity Federation
Mary Grygleski on Event Streaming and Processing with Apache Pulsar
Joe Kunk on Windows UI Testing
Mihai Tataran on the Microsoft Azure Well Architected Framework
A Celebration of Friends 700!
Jean Lange on the History of JavaScript
Godfrey Nolan on Drone SDKs
Matt Eland on How Humans Learn
Chris Judd on Technical Skills That Are Most In Demand
Brent Ozar on What Every Developer Needs to Know About Databases
Barry Stahl on Patterns for Reliable Systems
Jeff Blankenburg on AI Assistants in the Future
Arthur Doler on Giving and Receiving Feedback
Chris DeMars on Accessibility
Greg Huber on Maker Space
Tudor Damian on Pandemics and Security
Nick Kwiatkowski on Dialogflow CX
Allison Hartnett on Microsoft TEALS and Computer Science Education
Dave Rael on Git
Guy Royse on Probabilistic Data Structures
Richard Campbell on the Future of Space Travel
Sam Nasr on Cognitive Services
Tudor Damian on Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking
Eric Potter on Kusto Query Language
Cameron Presley on Mentoring
Matt Groves on Couchbase 7
Sam Basu on NET MAUI
Carl Franklin on Music and Programming
Joe Kunk on SQL+.NET
Shahed Chowdhuri on Azure Arc
Cassandra Faris on Open Source Software
Becky Gaudet on the Azure Commercial Marketplace
Martine Dowden on the D3
Sarah Withee on an Open Source Pancreas
Jason Bock on Mutation Testing
Michael Dowden on Firebase
Gavin Bauman on SonarQube
Hattan Shobokshi on Getting the Most Out of Bash Scripts
Michael Scherotter on Creativity and Technology
Sasha Rosenbaum on Growth Mindset
Jeff Wilcox on Open Source and Microsoft
Ovetta Sampson on Mindful and Ethical AI
Joel Cochran on Azure Synapse
Dani Diaz on IoT and Azure Percept
Danielle Walker on Technology Startups
Matt Adamczyk on Title Town Tech and Startups
Wolfgang Goerlich on Cyber Security Design Principles
Matthew Renze on the AI Developers Toolkit
Ted Neward on Technology Culture
Dave Hoerster on Azure Active Directory B2C
Jason Farrell on Kubernetes
Kevin Ashley on AI for Design Art and Games
Christos Matskas on Microsoft Identity Platform
Richard Taylor on the Microsoft Revenue Recognition System
Julie Lerman on Entity Framework Core 5
Kevin Pilch on gRPC
Dustin Campbell on Support for WinForms to the Visual Studio Designer
Kevin Griffin on SignalR Real World Projects
Mike Benkovich on GitHub Actions and Visual Studio
Javier Lozano on Virtual Conferences
Ed Charbeneau on Blazor Testing
David Neal on Hand Drawn Illustrations for Powerful Storytelling
Kyle Bunting and Joel Hulen on Data Engineering in Azure
Gaines Kergosien on ADHD
Rik Hepworth on Azure Governance
Scott Hanselman on Productivity
Glenn Block on Racial Justice
Magnus Martensson on the Cloud Adoption Framework
Gary Short on The Mathematics of COVID19 & the Hero You've Never Heard Of
Heather Downing on Developer Burnout
Wilfried Motchoffo on A Path to a Tech Career
Alexandria Storm on Natural Language Processing and Inclusion
Irma Mesa on Cafecito
Nayonna Purnell on Changing to a Career in IT
Peter de Tender on Azure Certification
Damian Brady on MLOps
Glenn Block on Astrophotography
Jon Skeet on Programming an Electronic Drum Kit
Donovan Brown on App Innovations
Tibi Covaci on Creating a GitHub Action
Mete Atamel on Serverless Containers
Dave Pine on NET 5 and the Docs team
Kayla Cinnamon on Windows Terminal
Yina Arenas on Microsoft Graph
Sven Aelterman on Data in Education
Jason Fox on Spatial Computing
Troy Hunt on The Role of Technology in Social Isolation
Nik Molnar on Visual Studio Codespaces
Christine Matheney on Teaching Computer Science to the Next Generation
Christina Aldan and Jeff Strauss on Dev Around the Sun
Chris Klug on Software Development Up-Front Planning
Layla Porter on Test Driven Development
Andrea Salterello on Accessibility
Sarah Lean on Adjusting to the Pandemic
Brent Stineman on Remote Recording
Jaidev Kunjur on Azure Integration Tools
Don Ward on Flutter
Episode 600:: A Celebration of Friends
Bryan Glenn on the Right Mindset for Success
Jean Lange on Building Skills with Improv games
Arthur Doler on Mental Health in the Workplace
Courtney Eaton and Gabrielle Sempf on KidzMash
Tibi Covaci on Migrating to the Cloud
Christian Geuer Pollmann on Erlang and Elixir
Martin Kearn on Document Recognition and Knowledge Extraction
J Tower on the .NET CLI
Tobiah Zarlez on Gender Identity
Walt Ritscher on Try .NET
Robert Green on Microsoft Graph
Jim Wooley on Entity Framework Performance
Angela Dugan on Team Dynamics
Phil Japikse on .NET Core Support Cycle
Edward Thomson on GitHub Actions
Jeremy Likness on Blazor
Laurent Bugnion on the Ignite Tour
Episode 580: Jason Bock on .NET Core 3
Laurent Ellerbach on Diversity and Inclusion Workshop
Raj Krishnan on Azure Data Explorer
Lorena Mesa on the Python Software Foundation
Dan Rey on Microsoft Surface
Kevin Gates on Cloud Architecture
Mercedes Bernard on Dev Together
Ruth Yakubu on Machine Learning tools in Azure
Whitney Griffith on Azure Blockchain as a Service
Jon Galloway on the .NET Foundation
Laurent Bugnion on Migrating Data to Azure
John Alexander on ML.NET
Heather Wilde on Anticipatory Design
Elton Stoneman on Docker
Hattan Shobokshi on TerraForm
Eric Boyd on Microservices
David Makogon on Streaming Data
J Tower on .NET Standard
Mike Benkovich on Visual Studio 2019
Adam Hecktman on Civic Tech
Frank Gill on Azure SQL Database Managed Instances
Lwin Maung on IoT Hardware Options
Melanie Adcock on TechMonthChicago
Brent Stineman on the Evolution of Serverless
Bret Stateham on IoT Edge
Kevin Griffin on Whats New in SignalR
Ondrej Balas on 2-Factor Authentication
Jennifer Marsman on AI for Earth
Jeremy Miller on Automated Testing in .NET Core
Cassandra Faris on Personal Branding
Jennifer Wadella on Gatsby
Jon Skeet on Versioning
Geisa Faustino on Teaching
Jackie Becker on Mixed Reality in the Real World
Isaac Bayoh on How Technology Impacts Developing Countries
Elizabeth Graham on Azure Logic Apps
Alex Mang on Azure Durable Functions
Jim Wooley on Static Analyzers and Roslyn
JD Marymee on Blockchain
Bill Wagner on Nullable Reference Types
Brady Gaster on Marketing Azure
Jeff Fritz on Live Streaming Coding
Robert Greene on DevOps
Hao Luo on Rust
Rajasa Savant on Serverless Azure
Raymond Comvalius on Transitioning to the Modern Workplace with Windows 10
Christos Matskas on Visual Studio for Mac
Walt Ritscher on LinkedIn Learning
Chris Woodruff on HTTP and REST
Dan Rey on What's New In Windows 10
Hamayal Choudhry and Samin Khan on SmartArm
Douglas Crockford on Clutter in Programming Languages
Heather Downing and Spencer Schneidenback on the HelloWorld Show
Jayson Street on Patching Humans
Jon Skeet on Making StackOverflow More Inclusive
Erwin Derksen on Office Click To Run
Silviu Niculita on Chatbots
Brandon Satrom on Ed Gets His Power Back
Venkat Subramaniam on JavaScript - the Cute Parts
John Azariah on Quantum Computing
Tobiasz Koprowski on Securing SQL Server
Tim Reilly on Blockchain
Angie Byron on Drupal
Zach Miller on Data Science Myths
Atley Hunter on UI Simplicity
Christine Matheney on Imagine Cup
Kevin Ashley on AI and basketball
Raffaele Rialdi on GDPR
Fabian Fernandez on .NETConf Global
Guillermo Bellman on Azure Service Fabric
Jim Christopher on Data Science
Carolina Banales on Woman Tech Entrepreneurs
Robert Martin on Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming
Michael and Alana Blumenthal on an IoT project
Episode 500: A Celebration of Friends
Keith Casey on The Tech Events Network
Cecil Phillip on Away From the Keyboard
Doris Chen on Performance Tuning
Oren Eini on RavenDB
Kevin Grossnicklaus on API Design
Richard Taylor on Web Development to Xamarin Development
Merwan Hade on Microsoft Flow
Pratap Ladhani on PowerApps
Jay Harris on Web Development Tools
Jeremy Clark on Social Developers
Scott Addie on Migrating to ASP.NET Core
Adam Freymiller on Interviewing for a Tech Job
Gael Fraiteur on PostSharp 5.0
Jimmy Bogard on AutoMapper
Riccardo Bennett-Lovsey on Digital Transformations
Kent Alstad on Leadership
Matthew Renze on Data Science
Jonathan Mills on Angular CLI
Nancy Gaines on Productivity
Peter Leeson on Quality
Florin Loghiade on Testing PowerShell with Pester
Boris Hristov on Technical Presentations
Radu Vunvulea on Surviving in the IoT World
Ben Armstrong on Containers and Virtualization
Bob Waltenspiel and Dave Phillips on IT In The D
DevRadio: Startup Stories: Fighting information overload with automated summarizations from Agolo
Jef King on The Missing Children Society of Canada
Chris Heilmann on Progressive Web Apps
J Tower on Communication Skills for Engineers
Anne Bougie on Azure Storage Options
David Washington on Home Automation
Matt Soucoup on What's New in Xamarin
Jaidev Kunjur on Enterprise Integration
Ed Charbeneau on Machine Learning and the Full Stack Developer
DevRadio:Microsoft Azure IP Advantage
Vibhu Bhutani on IoT Projects
Chris Woodruff on Electron
Talking about Cognitive Services on the Eat Sleep Code podcast
Bryan Soltis on Azure Search
Jeff Strauss on ECMAScript 6
DevRadio: Startup Stories: An Interview with Victor Cintron, CEO of DimDrop
Interview with Jeff Fritz about ASP.NET 5
J Wynia on Spark View Engine
Nathan Blevins on Lego Mindstorm
Steve Andrews on GeekGive
Phil Japikse on Automated Testing
Brian Sherwin on Refactoring
Episode 100!!!
Joe Wirtley on E-Commerce Challenges
David Truxall on TFS
Drinking from the Fire Hose
Matt Van Horn on Expression Blend
John McClelland on BizSpark and WebSiteSpark
Dane Morgridge on The Entity Framework
Cameron Skinner on Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Tools
John Hopkins and Jason Follas on the Ann Arbor Day of .Net
David Hoerster on jQuery and WCF
David Isbitski and Matt Van Horn on Silverlight Behaviors
John Petersen on jQuery, JSON and Ajax
Eric Greene on CMS
Michael Eaton on Kalamazoo X
Jennifer Marsman on Windows 7 Development
Karl Swedberg on jQuery
Brian Genisio on Prism
Jim Holmes on Unit Testing
Producing an Online TV Show
Producing an online TV show, Part 5: Sharing with the world
Mike Amundsen on HTTP and REST
Gary Short on Technical Debt
Sam Corder on MongoDB
Debbie Must on Deployment
Corey Haines on Software Craftsmanship
Darrell Hawley on Django
Tim Wingfield on Kanban
Dave Bost on The Thirsty Developer
Jim Holmes on CodeMash 2010
Mike Wood and James Bender on NPlus1
Doc List on Open Spaces
Mary and Tom Poppendieck on Leadership
Jeff McWherter and Ben Hall on Testing
Bill Wagner on Dynamic Features of C# 4.0
Television Premiere of 'Technology and Friends'
Michael Eaton on Software Estimation
Jay Harris on Continuous Integration
Chris Woodruff on Grand Rapids Give Camp
Stephen Toub on Parallel Computing
Chris Woodruff on RIA Services
Sai Naik on the benefits of SharePoint
David Truxall on Debugging
Brian Prince on Windows 7 Under the Hood
Matt Hester on Windows Server 2008 R2
Kirstin Juhl on Lean Manufacturing vs Lean Software Development
Joe Kunk on DevExpress XTraReports
Jeremiah Peschka on Troubleshooting SQL Performance
Chris Hay on US and UK developer communities
Nathan Blevins on Microsoft Robotics Studio
James Bender on REST services
Phil Japikse on
Leon Gersing on Ruby
Craig Berntson on Continuous Integration
Jessica Moss on SSIS
Chris Smith on F#
Kathleen Dollard on MEF
Dennis Burton on Lansing Day of .Net
Sara Ford on CodePlex
John Kellar on DevLink 2009
Jamie Wright on Getting Real with Consulting
Betsy Weber on TechSmith products
Martin Shoemaker on UML
Jesse Murray on SharePoint Best Practices
Michael Eaton on the Ann Arbor Give Camp
Brian Genisio on the MVVM pattern
Corey Schuman on Silverlight
Josef Finsel on Azure Table Storage
Jim Wooley on Stored Procedures and Data Access
Mike Neel on CodeStock 2009
Ziad Hakim on iPhone Development
Aydin Akcasu on programming the Wii controller
Jennifer Marsman on Windows Azure
Chris Woodruff on Deep Fried Bytes
Mike Hacker on Single Sign-On
Mike Wood on Parallel LINQ
Michael Letterle on Preemptive Solutions
Jamie Wright on CSLA
Jeff Blankenburg on Stir Trek
David Edson on Data Visualization with Microsoft Visio
McWherters and Harrises on the Lansing Give Camp
Chris Woodruff and Bill Miller on the West Michigan .Net University
Randy Pagels on Visual Studio Team System 2010
Randy Pagels on Visual Studio Team System
Michael Eaton on Michigan Give Camps
Jim Holmes on CodeMash
Matt Pizzimenti on
Mark Hindsbo on Microsoft and the Developer Community
Phil Japikse on Application Deployment
Tim Adams interviewing me interviewing him
Mike Wood talks about building community
Brian Prince on Working For Microsoft
Darryl Hogan on Architect Evangelism
Joe Fiorini on
Monish Nagisetty explains BizTalk Server
Alan Stevens discusses open spaces technology
Jason Follas explains SQL Server Spatial Data Types
Steve Smith discusses performance and scalability
John Kellar discusses interviewing and DevLink
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