Soft skills (97)

Michael Eaton on Sharing Knowledge
Steve Andrews on A Safe Work Environment
Chris Woodruff on Career and Life Advice from an Old Guy in Tech
Increasing Developer Velocity
Dealing with Layoffs - A Guide for the Unemployed and the Survivors
Pete Rodriguez on a Career in Technology
How and Why to Write a Status Report
Beth Humphreys on Technical Leadership
Joe Guadagno on Leadership
"Atomic Habits" by James Clear
Beijie Zhang on Technical Interviews
Matt Eland on How Humans Learn
Chris Judd on Technical Skills That Are Most In Demand
Arthur Doler on Giving and Receiving Feedback
Cameron Presley on Mentoring
Michael Scherotter on Creativity and Technology
Sasha Rosenbaum on Growth Mindset
Ted Neward on Technology Culture
Scott Hanselman on Productivity
"Getting Things Done" by David Allen
Heather Downing on Developer Burnout
Wilfried Motchoffo on A Path to a Tech Career
Nayonna Purnell on Changing to a Career in IT
Bryan Glenn on the Right Mindset for Success
Jean Lange on Building Skills with Improv games
Arthur Doler on Mental Health in the Workplace
Angela Dugan on Team Dynamics
Cassandra Faris on Personal Branding
Cecil Phillip on Away From the Keyboard
Jeremy Clark on Social Developers
"The Leadership Journey" by Jim Holmes
Christina Aldan on Emotional Intelligence
Adam Freymiller on Interviewing for a Tech Job
Kent Alstad on Leadership
Nancy Gaines on Productivity
J Tower on Communication Skills for Engineers
DevRadio:Microsoft Azure IP Advantage
Hadi Hariri on Software Churn
“Apprenticeship Patterns” by Dave Hoover and Adewale Oshineye
J Tower on Extreme Remote Working
Jeff McWherter on Transitioning from a Programmer to a Manager
Bomb Jokes, Free Speech, and Consequences of Posting without Thinking
Episode 385: Katarina Eames on An Early Start to a Software Career
Don’t Accept that Appointment If You Are Tentative
My 3-Week Uber Experience and What I Learned From It
Robert C. Martin on Software Professionalism
Brian Sherwin on Finding Your Dream Job
It’s OK to Re-package Content
My First 365 Days at Microsoft
Gaines Kergosien on Self-Marketing for Developers
Kevin Griffin on MasterMind sessions
Peter Leeson on Organizational Change
How to be a Better Consultant
How to be a Better Consultant
Manage Your Career
Managing Your Own Annual Review
Performing a Successful Annual Review
Performing a Successful Annual Review
Sometimes "Yes, but..." is better than "No"
Ted Neward on PMs and Developers
Speaker Horror Stories, Giard edition
Alan Stevens on REAL Development
Brent Stineman on Learning
State Your Case for the Training You Want
Rich Dudley on the Job Interview Process
Am I a Technologist?
Jon Galloway and Jesse Liberty on Remote Pairing
'Going Independent' panel discussion
Slides from Data Visualization presentation
Are certifications worthwhile?
Michael Eaton on Kalamazoo X
Kalamazoo X 2010 recap
Social media and how it works for me
It's not easy, so don't pretend it is
Producing an Online TV Show
Producing an online TV show, Part 5: Sharing with the world
Producing an online TV Show, Part 3: Equipment
Producing an online TV Show, Part 2: The Interview
Producing an online TV Show, Part 1: Preparation
Gary Short on Technical Debt
Corey Haines on Software Craftsmanship
Mary and Tom Poppendieck on Leadership
Reflections on 2009
Michael Eaton on Software Estimation
How I got started in programming
Many right ways
"Eats, Shoots & Leaves" by Lynne Truss
Jamie Wright on Getting Real with Consulting
Contribupendence Day, Part Deux
Avoid inappropriate conversations in the workplace
Effective Communication with your customer or manager
Kalamazoo X recap
Learn Soft Skills at the Kalamazoo X Conference
John Kellar discusses interviewing and DevLink
Speaking at ArcReady November 25
A survival guide to a consultant's first meeting with a new customer
Coming to terms with my ignorance