DanaDelaneyInHighwayPatrol2024Years ago, I regularly watched a show called "China Beach," which featured a talented young actress named Dana Delany. In the ensuing decades, Delany has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows - none of which I have seen.

She also experienced a strange relationship on Twitter. On the social media platform, Delany met Cam - a 13-year-old boy suffering from a debilitating illness. Soon, she was drawn into online conversations with Cam's grandmother and brother. "Highway Patrol," which premiered at the Goodman Theatre this month, tells the story of that encounter. Delany plays herself, Thomas Murphy Molony plays Cam, and Dot-Marie Jones ("Glee") plays the grandmother and a few other roles.

It isn't easy to describe the point of the play without giving away twists, but it focuses on social media's impact on our lives. It also includes some cyberstalking - a topic that hit home for me since I was recently the victim of a stalker.

I saw the Sunday evening performance and enjoyed the story and the acting. The show is still in preview and suffers from some of the growing pains of early productions (I overheard a director prompt Jones for one of her lines), but it was entertaining, moving, and enjoyable.