I, Steve sounds like an autobiography written by the late Apple founder Steve Jobs. The title is eerily similar to the the autobiography title of Steve's former partner, Steve Wozniak.

In fact, I, Steve is a collection of quotes by the tech visionary. gathered together into a slim paperback and organized by category. It was obviously thrown together quickly after the death of Mr. Jobs, and probably compiled almost entirely from online searching.

Still, there is a lot of wisdom in this collection. Jobs was a visionary and his company changed both the computer market and the electronic devices market. So, it's not surprising that he revealed this vision in interviews, speeches, and conversation.

The following quote from a 1999 Time magazine interview could serve as well as any mission statement.
"The roots of Apple were to build computers for people, not for corporations. The world doesn't need another Dell or Compaq."

Jobs's famous quote "Real artists ship" appears several times in the book - In part because he was fond of repeating it and in part because it is appropriate to multiple categories.

Although you'll find some inspiration among Jobs's words of wisdom, the lack of context make this book little more than a trivia book. Still, Jobs's words were entertaining and inspiring and you could do worse for bathroom reading.