The saga moves forward in "Lord of Chaos", the sixth volume in Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series.

The entire world grows hotter, thanks to the growing power of The Dark One;

Rand, the Dragon Reborn, raises and trains an army in preparation for The Final Battle with The Dark One. But, Rand struggles to control the voice of a long-dead mad king inside his mind.

The rift between factions of the mystical Aes Sedai sisterhood grows wider and more intense.

The female protagonists - in training to become Aes Sedai - get a promotion, including a huge one for Egwayne;

Jordan continues his world building and character evolution that made the previous novels successful; but it suffers from the same weakness as many of its predecessors: the story drags on much longer than it should.

As in the previous stories, a strong ending saves this one.