Each of the novels in Madeleine L'Engle's Time Quintet contains allusions to religion, often including angelic and demonic beings that battle in a struggle of good versus evil; but, Many Waters" - her fourth book in this series (third chronologically) - takes it a step farther. Here, L'Engle explicitly introduces angels and fallen angels and even the Old Testament prophet Noah and his family.

Throughout the series, Dennys and Sandy have been the forgotten siblings of the remarkable Murry family. These twins mostly stood in the background while older sister Meg and Charles Wallace went on adventures to save the universe.

But, in Many Waters, the twins take the stage. After playing with one of their father's laboratory experiments, they find themselves thrust backward in time to encounter Noah and his family prior to the Great Flood. The boys find themselves in the middle of a struggle between Noah's family and others. Angels, fallen angels, and magical creatures play a part in the battle. The story is complicated when Noah receives instructions from God to begin building his ark in preparation for the coming flood.

It was fun to see some minor characters emphasized; and it was fun to read an adventure story with familiar characters. Madeleine L'Engle has made me care about the Murry family.