Michelle BranchIt is difficult to categorize the music of Michelle Branch. She is at times a rock singer, a country singer, a folk singer, and a pop singer. 

Wednesday night at Park West, she was all these things.

For nearly two hours, Ms. Branch played before a packed house of devoted fans, who cheered and sang along to her songs.

Branch's fame peaked in the first half of the 2000's decade when she released back-to-back-to-back hit albums and a string of hit singles. She raked in a string of awards during this period, including a Grammy for "The Game of Love" - a collaboration with Carlos Santana.

While her airplay may have waned in the past fifteen years, her enthusiasm has not. She played all the hits from those years and made them sound fresh. And she mixed in some recent music (she released a new album - "The Trouble with Fever" - earlier this year. Everything was delivered with the energy one would expect from someone who enjoys performing.

Park West has great acoustics for music but spoken words do not transmit well there; so, I did not know what she was saying between songs; but those who heard seemed to greatly appreciate it.

It was an evening in which the crowd drew energy from the performer and the performer drew energy from the crowd.

It was a great evening!