I recently completed and published my first Windows 8 application. The app is simple: Click a button and the app selects 1 or more random numbers in a given range; the user can select the range of numbers and whether or not to re-use numbers. I wrote it because my user group needed such an app and because I wanted to learn how to write a Windows 8 application. I chose XAML/C# for this app pretty much by a coin flip. I still plan to write a Windows 8 app using HTML5/JavaScript. For me, the biggest challenge was were getting the correct layout using a combination of StackPanels and tables. I solicited the help of Jeff Yates, who explained the syntax to me and help me to fix the layout. The app was rejected the first time because I had checked a box on the property page stating that it was network-aware and I had not included a privacy statement page. My solution was to uncheck this box because it requires no network access. If you would like to see this app in action, you can download it at http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/raffle-picker/24508bc8-4e8e-4ba5-a77f-934df4a0018c