On Your Feet Cast 2024Gloria Estefan rose to international fame in the 1980s, playing an infectious mix of Latin music, dance music, and ballads. With her husband Emilio, their band Miami Sound Machine.

"On Your Feet" is the story of the career and love story of Gloria and Emilio. Backed with a soundtrack of the hit songs of Ms. Estefan and MSM, the show moves chronologically through her life from Emilio's discovery and encouragement of 17-year-old Gloria to her success - first in the Latin American market, then on the American pop charts - to a devastating accident that nearly ended her career and life to her recovery and comeback.

It is a story of overcoming physical hardships and bucking industry trends. Jake Dylan portrays cynical record producer Phil, who opposes releasing a single in English because he believes that Americans will never buy a record with Latin rhythms and horns. Undeterred, the Estefans promote their singles through dance clubs instead of on the radio.

Gaby Albo brings to her performance the strength and energy of Gloria's character. Samuel Garnica as Emilio is more subtle, promoting his wife from behind the scenes - sometimes pushing too hard but constantly pushing.

But the music and dance are the real stars. Estefan poured energy and emotion into her songs, and "On Your Feet" channels this admirably.

Gloria's 1991 accident was a significant event in her life and in this show. After months of rehabilitation, the singer recovered to revive a solo career and win eight Grammy Awards. Her renaissance serves as a climax to the second act, which ends with an excellent musical number, bringing the entire cast on stage for their curtain call.

This real-life inspired story serves as an inspiration for all of us when we face adversity.