Personality castLloyd Price was one of the early pioneers of the style of rhythm and blues that evolved into Rock & Roll. A draft notice from the US Army during the Korean War hindered his influence on popular music. His deployment interrupted his music career for two years just as his fame began to rise. Still, Price returned to writing and recording hit songs after the war.

"Personality: The Lloyd Price Musical" tells his story.

Musician  Dave Bartholomew and record producer Art Rupe discovered Price when they heard his song "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" and invited him to record with Specialty Records in 1952. Success followed quickly, as did women, a broken marriage, and greed.

Actor Saint Aubyn narrates the musical, playing the part of an older Lloyd Price, while Darian Peer acts out Price as a teenager and young adult. After the Korean War, Aubyn steps in to play both the title character and the narrator.

Personality castThe show focuses on Price's career and his friendship with his manager Harold Logan. The two collaborated on several business ventures, including a nightclub and a record company. Their friendship was based on loyalty and trust - two things often lacking in the entertainment industry - and lasted until Logan's murder in 1962.

You would expect the music to be great, and it is. Lloyd Price penned most of the songs, but we get a few made songs famous by the likes of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Little Richard, and Emma Franklin (Aretha's sister.) The play also brings to life contemporary musicians Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, and Sam Cooke.

I received complimentary tickets to a preview performance of "Personality," and I am delighted I did. The music, the dancing, the acting, and the script were all enjoyable.