RosanneCash2024Find someone who looks at you the way that Rosanne Cash looks at John Leventhal. Rosanne is the daughter of music legend Johnny Cash and a successful singer-songwriter with multiple Grammys on her resume. John is a Grammy-winning producer, songwriter, and musician. He is also Rosanne's husband of almost 30 years,

The couple performed at the Old Town School of Folk Music on Saturday night before a sold-out audience. Although Leventhal played excellent lead guitar and piano, the night belonged to Cash. Her voice was outstanding - perfect tone and heartfelt musician.

RosanneCashAndJohnLeventhal2024This year marked the thirtieth anniversary of Cash's album "The Wheel." Thanks to a clause in her contract with Columbia, Cash acquired the rights to the album's songs this year. She celebrated by re-releasing the album on her label and performing several songs tonight ("Tears Falling Down," "From the Ashes," "If There's a God on My Side," "You Won't Let Me In," and "The Wheel")

Despite the loving gazes between the couple, the evening's songs mainly consisted of broken hearts and failed relationships. Songs like "Sea of Heartbreak" and "Blue Moon With Heartache" set the tone for the evening with their sweet melancholy.

I expected more country music, but the pair mixed up the setlist, performing folk and blues.

Cash closed the set with my favourite of her tunes - "Seven Year Ache," before exiting and returning for an encore. Originally intending to perform only Bob Dylan's "Farewell, Argentina," she honored an audience request and performed "500 Miles" to close the evening.

Cash and Leventhal are great musicians with great chemistry and a wonderful rapport with the audience. Thirty years after they fell in love, audiences continue to fall in love with them.