Six The Musical Cast 2024Sometimes, musical theater feels more like a concert than a play. This is the case with "Six: The Musical."

In the show, we hear the stories of the six wives of Henry VIII, who ruled England from 1491 to 1547.

Most of Henry's marriages ended tragically. His marriage to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, lasted 24 years until he annulled that marriage upon falling in love with Anne Boleyn. Three years later, an English court convicted Anne of treason and adultery. She was beheaded within days. Shortly after Anne's execution, Henry married Jane Seymour. Jane died delivering Henry's only male child - the future King Edward VI. Henry next married Anna of Cleves but quickly tired of her and annulled the marriage to wed Katherine Howard. The marriage to Katherine ended when Henry executed her for adultery less than two years later. Catherine Parr - Henry's last wife - outlived him when he died at the age of fifty-five.

In the "Six" musical, each wife takes turns singing about the difficulties of being married to the king. With a funky rock band performing behind them, they agree that the wife with the most tragic story will be the band's new singer. Each wife appeals to the audience during each song, announcing that she is clearly the winner.

Henry mistreated his wives with varying degrees of awfulness. He seemed to have loved Jane Seymour for giving him a male heir and appears to have treated Catherine Parr well before he passed away. But he beheaded two of his wives and annulled two of his marriages.

The six women of the cast (Kristina Leopold, Cassie Silva, Kelly Denice Taylor, Danielle Mendoza, Alize Cruz, and Adriana Scalice) are outstanding, belting out tunes like a pride of divas. The all-female band (keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums) backing them are also top notch. Bright costumes and energetic choreography add to the spectacle.

"Six: The Musical" is not a long show (barely eighty minutes), but it packs a lot of fun into a short period of time.