The world of Sunshine is filled with demons and werewolves and a variety of monsters. But the most dangerous creatures are the vampires - undead creatures who prey on humans at night.

sunshine[1] Sunshine is kidnapped by vampires and finds herself chained next to the starving vampire Constantine, who is also a chained prisoner of her captors.

Together, they escape their prison. Sunshine returns to her life but the authorities and her family want her to explain where she has been and how she was able to escape from these creatures (No one ever escapes vampires).

Throughout the book, Sunshine and Constantine and a few human and half-human allies fight a battle against evil and powerful vampires. Along the way, she finds herself drawn to Constantine and learning about her own powers. She wrestles with her identity as she can no longer live the simple life of working in a bakery.

I liked the story and I liked the characters. Sunshine is strong, but flawed. The writing is sometimes rambling but that's ok, because it's written in the first person and that's how Sunshine thinks. Constantine is menacing and distant and alien. But he is likeable. And he strives to understand Sunshine, which sets him apart from the others of his breed.

Sunshine is a good story for those who want a new twist on an old legend without the triteness too often associated with this genre.