TaylorSwift2024-1Taylor Swift has released eleven studio albums over the past eighteen years and now stands as one of the world's biggest stars - musical or otherwise. Her recent tour of America sold out in minutes, and prices on the secondary market were so high that many Americans opted to fly to Sweden to see her perform, as the cost of the Swedish concert, airfare, and a hotel stay was reportedly still lower than the concert ticket in many US cities.

I happened to be in Stockholm at the time of the tour, so my friends and I braved a plethora of teenage girls to see the iconic Taylor Swift in concert Saturday evening at Stockholm's Friends Arena.

Swift wanted to showcase music from throughout her career by playing a set from each of ten different albums. She referred to each set as an era, inspiring her to name this "The Eras Tour." Sometimes, she combined 2-3 songs into a medley to squeeze in an impressive forty-five tunes.

Taylor is a solid songwriter, dancer, and singer. However, her combination of these talents makes her an outstanding performer. The show featured numerous costume changes, which she was able to complete during a short video or dance number. The singer entered the stage by stepping through a secret door in the video screen or by rising up from below or by appearing out of the darkness.

TaylorSwift2024-2The choreography was impressive, often integrating with the lyrics of a song. Swift showed remarkable stamina dancing for the nearly three-and-a-half-hour concert. The show itself was a major spectacle. In addition to moving elements of the stage, large video boards, a light show, and fireworks, each attendee was given a wristband containing a light. These bands lit up during the performance, forming shapes and patterns that often moved across the arena in time to the music and stage happenings.

One of Taylor Swift's talents is making her audience feel she cares about them. On this night, she made a point to engage each section of the 60,000+ seat arena. When extended applause followed one song, Taylor removed her earphones and smiled silently for a few minutes, as if choked up that the crowd expressed their appreciation so strongly. The crowd went wild when she spoke to them in Swedish.

I was impressed by Ms. Swift and her ability to entertain. I was not a Swiftie before seeing her live, but I am now.