If you haven’t seen it, check out my online TV show Technology and Friends. I interview guests about topics that I think technologists will find interesting.

I published over 50 episodes in 2011. Below are my favourites from the year:

Episode 132: Josh Holmes on WebMatrix
I love Josh’s enthusiasm. He had just walked offstage at CodeMash where he presented the debut of this product, a privilege ordinarily reserved for a Microsoft Vice President.

Episode 133: Richard Campbell on Developers in Developing Countries
Richard Campbell is one of my favourite podcasters. I’ve heard him speak on air many times, but never heard him reveal details of how he helps kick-start developer communities in third-world countries.

Episode 156: Jesse Liberty and Jon Galloway - Remote Pairing
Liberty and Galloway created a cool project while collaborating from opposite coasts. It’s clear they enjoyed working together and their banter in this conversation is priceless.

Episode 157: Charles Stacy Harris III on The Micro Framework
I recorded two episodes in an actual TV studio. The content is great, but the production is what makes this video stand out.

Episode 160: Charles Petzold on History and Science
It’s not often I get to meet a legend.

Episode 161: Seth Juarez on Machine Learning
Seth is a fascinating interview. He’s doing work on things that I had not seen before. I love how he explains things in a way that simplifies complex topics.

Episode 179: Bryan Hunter on Erlang
Bryan is a .NET developer who learned Erlang in order to solve a business problem It has given him a unique insight into the limitations of the .NET Framework.

Episode 182: Mark Minasi on Windows Server 8
One of the few IT interviews I’ve conducted. Minasi is a great speaker and a charming man. I loved talking with him.