With "The Final Cut", Michael Dobbs concludes his "House of Cards" trilogy, and he does so in dramatic fashion.

This story begins with a flashback to a young Francis stationed in Cyprus in the British Army, assigned to fight the Cypriots in their battle for independence. Urquhart committed and covered up a war crime that no one has since discovered. Decades later, Urquhart faces a new challenge in Cyprus, which gives him the opportunity to rise above the public's criticism and save the day. He is decisive and forceful and determined to achieve victory at all costs; and he knows that he will be hailed a hero if he succeeds.

The series tells of the rise to power of British Prime Minister Francis Urquhart. TFC reveals what happens when Urquhart reaches the top and the world tires of him. Urquhart has been PM for 10 years and he is poised to eclipse Margaret Thatcher's tenure, but his popularity is declining. The public is clamoring for new blood and fresh ideas, while Francis is losing the support of many in his cabinet. Dobbs paints a picture of a ruthless man, terrified of losing his power. FU knows only politics and has no interests outside politics. He knows he will be lost if he loses the power he has built. "The Final Cut" is the story of a master Machiavellian, who rose to power by exploiting and destroying others and must use those same vile skills to stay on top. The PM always seems to come out on top at the expense of his rivals. Dobbs keeps us wondering if that will be the case this time.

This is a strong finish to an excellent trilogy.