At first, the unicorn was happy, living alone in a magical wood. Her magic kept her eternally young and kept the wood eternally in spring.

But one day, she overheard 2 hunters saying that all unicorns had gone from this world. Fearing she might be the last, the unicorn set out on a journey to find others of her kind.

Along the way, she is captured by a witch for display in her circus; then, rescued by a third-rate wizard, who accompanies her on her journey.

Ultimately, she makes her way to a kingdom guarded by the mystical Red Bull, that is rumoured to have captured all the other unicorns.

With The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle weaves a wonderful fairy tale about the adventures of a unicorn on a quest to find others and to find herself. It is a story of adventure and it is a story of companionship and loyalty.

But mostly, it is the telling of the story that sets it apart. Beagle's prose is almost like poetry. The beauty of the unicorn is reflected in the beauty of his words.

This book was a joy to read - from start to finish.