Michael Crichton's novel "Jurassic Park" and its movie adaptation were so popular that Crichton's publisher and audience convinced him to write a sequel. In "The Lost World", chaos mathematician Ian Malcolm - presumed dead in the first novel - returns to explore rumours that some genetically created dinosaurs survived on a different island. Malcolm flies to the island and finds himself caught between a reckless paleontologist and bad guys intent on stealing dinosaur eggs.

In some ways, Crichton repackaged themes from his earlier novel. 

Malcolm points out the hubris of those attempting to play with forces they cannot control.

Greedy corporate goons skip all the hard work and try to steal scientific discoveries of others.

A beautiful scientist shows up and proves strong, yet feminine.

Two pre-teens tag along and play a role in solving the problems the adults encounter.

While not as original as its preceding novel, this is still a fun story filled with almost non-stop action. It is a thrill ride that accelerated the flow of my adrenalin.