Windows 11 is coming

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Last week, Microsoft announced Windows 11, the upcoming version of its popular operating system. You can watch the official announcement here.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Tighter integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing you to chat and connect with others right from your desktop.
  • Snap Layouts allow you to customize how you want apps to appear on your screen.
  • Multiple monitors. Minimize all windows on a second monitor when you disconnect. Restore them when you plug another monitor back in.
  • A wide variety of Widgets exist that slide into view to provide bits of information.
  • Android Apps will be supported and will be available through the Windows App Store.
  • There are a few aesthetic changes. Icons are more rounded - a UI feature that has been advocated for years by many design experts. The start menu now displays in the middle of the screen, instead of the left, allowing you to see more apps at the same times.
  • There are enhancements for gaming, such as better graphic support for older games.
  • A new Game Development Kit will make game development easier.

The most relevant feature to me was tighter integration with Teams. I spend a lot of time in Teams, so it helps if it is available quickly, rather than in a separate application.

The release date has not been announced, but I've seen speculation that it will be available in 2022.

I am hopeful that Windows 11 will be available as an Azure Virtual Machine, allowing me to try it before committing to installing it on my desktop. Of course, many PCs will be sold with this OS pre-installed.