While traveling recently, I lost my wallet. It happened in the airport - somewhere between the Detroit security checkpoint and the Baltimore luggage claim. After checking with the airport and the airline and retracing my steps, I was convinced it was lost forever and I began to replace the cards inside.

Weeks later, I received a message on Facebook from a stranger.

A woman found my wallet in the airport. Reading my name on my driver's license, she searched for me online and found me on Facebook and sent me a message, so that I could confirm my identity and my address.

Shortly after our Facebook exchange, the wallet arrived in the mail, along with a money order for all the cash that was in it - over $200.

I was struck by this incredible act of kindness and honesty by a complete stranger. She could easily have kept the wallet or kept the cash and no one would have known or thought poorly of her. But she went out of her way to find me and return everything she found.

I am unlikely to meet this woman personally, but that does not mean I cannot repay the kindness. My plan is to pay it forward - to pass kindness on to strangers who cross my path. The likelihood these strangers will repay me in kind is low and I accept that. With any luck, they will be inspired to help others and the kindness will work its way back to the original stranger who helped me and the universe will be remain in balance. And a better place.