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I Will Remember Bogu
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Reflections on My Introduction to .NET on Its 20th Anniversary
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California Dreaming on a Winter’s Week
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Croatian Vacation 2021
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Short Days and Good Friends in Scandinavia
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Tokyo Drifting
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I Amsterdam (and so are you)
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"Hamilton" in Chicago combines History and Hip Hop
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2018 in Review
For Sharon
Searching for my Past in Quebec
November 2018 Gratitudes
A Soggy Day in London Town
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What and Why I Blog
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Norwegian Good 2018
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Legendary Roy Ayers Funks Up Hyde Park
November 2017 Gratitudes
For Callie
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My South American Expedition 2017
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For my mother
June 2017 Gratitudes
Jean Luc Ponty turns back the clock Monday evening in Chicago
May 2017 Gratitudes
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March 2017 Gratitudes
It’s the Year of the Cat again, thanks to Al Stewart
Kris Kristofferson brings his stories to Chicago
Delbert McClinton brings his Texas Roadhouse energy to Evanston
After all these years, Booker T can still play
February 2017 Gratitudes
Ladysmith Black Mambazo harmonies delight audience
January 2017 Gratitudes
The Helplessness of Tragedy
2016 in Review
December 2016 Gratitudes
Stanley Clarke delights audience in Evanston
November 2016 Gratitudes
Exploring Chicago Neighborhoods one sausage at a time
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Romanian Rhapsody 2016, part 2
Romanian Rhapsody 2016, part 1
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Why I was Excited to Work with the MSP at Indiana University
February 2016 Gratitudes
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Exploring Chicago neighborhoods one latte at a time
2015 in Review
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Remembering Bill Fink
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My 3-Week Uber Experience and What I Learned From It
For Zech, who died too young
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December 2014 Gratitudes
2014 in Review
November 2014 Gratitudes
Teenage Ghost Punk
October 2014 Gratitudes
My First 365 Days at Microsoft
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Romanian Rhapsody
Romanian Rhapsody – Part 4: Final Thoughts
Hungarian Rhapsody – Part 3 of Romanian Rhapsody
Romanian Rhapsody – Part 2: IT Camp
Romanian Rhapsody – Part 1: Arrival and Sibiu
May 2014 Gratitudes
April 2014 Gratitudes
A Card for Dave Bost's family
A Year of Gratitude Out Loud
Remembering Dave Bost
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February 2014 Gratitudes
For Jim Weirich, 1956-2014
January 2014 Gratitudes
2013 in Review
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Flying Solo
October 2013 Gratitudes
A New Era Begins
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August 2013 Gratitudes
Daily Gratitude and a New Attitude
My Father, the Survivor
2012-13 Pioneer High School Varsity Basketball Highlights
2012 In Review
Thankful on Thanksgiving
A Random Act of Kindness and Honesty
2011 In Review
2010 in review
My Favorite blog posts of 2010
Top 10 Technology and Friends episodes of 2010
A dream comes true
After 30 years, it's still fun
Reflections on 2009
Giving Thanks
HopeMongers helps people help the needy of the world
8th Grade Basketball Highlight Video
Funeral and Vistation for my sister Denise
Dear Mr. Fidrych
The first day of the rest of my life
Remembering September 11