ALM (25)  ●

ALM (25)

Hillel Wayne on TLA+
GCast 163: Getting Started with GitHub
Oren Eini on Building Projects that Endure
Some Excellent Code Review Articles
What are Code Reviews, Why Should We Spend Time on Them, and How Can We Improve Them?
GCast 74: Continuous Deployment with Azure DevOps
GCast 73: Build an Azure DevOps Release Pipeline
GCast 72: Creating an Azure DevOps Build Pipeline
GCast 71: Integrating Visual Studio Solution with Azure DevOps Repo
Integrating VSTS, Azure Web Apps, Visual Studio, and ASP.NET
Configuring Automatic Deployment from VSTS to an Azure Web App
Creating an ASP.NET Web Project and Storing code in a VSTS Git Repository
Creating a Team Project in Azure
Peter Leeson on Quality
Kasia Mrowca on Feature Gluttony
Mike Benkovich on Visual Studio Team Services
My Common Git Commands
Doc Norton on Software Project Metrics
G-Cast 6: Deploying to an Azure Web App from a Local Git Repository
Creating a New GitHub Repository
Introducing Team Foundation Service - a hosted ALM solution
GANG10: Godfrey Nolan on Executable Requirements or BDD in .NET
Todd Anglin on HTML5
Debbie Must on Deployment
Tim Wingfield on Kanban