Celebrating my NVP-ness

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I woke up this morning and was surprised and deleted to see the following e-mail in my inbox

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2009 NVP Award! The NVP Award is our way to say thank you for promoting bad behavior and general revelry in the office. We appreciate your extraordinary efforts at “Video interviewing everyone on the planet” during the past year..

To celebrate this tremendous achievement, please join your other NVPers at the NVP Summit at SRT Solutions Thursday afternoon where we will talk about the future of <__>, drink lots of <__>, play a little <__>, and not do any <__>. As we NVPers like to say – “Anything that happens at NVP Summit, stays at NVP Summit”. NDA restrictions apply. You will also receive a special gift for being a NVP and some useless swag.

--Mike (NVP Regional Director)

I cannot tell you how proud I am to receive this award. I certainly would have dreamed of it all my life had I heard of it before yesterday.

I would be thrilled to share all I learn with you - my readers - were it not for the attached 423-page non-disclosure agreement I was forced to sign. But rest assured that this knowledge and its accompanying free drinks will ultimately help the community and be good for all software developers.

Thank you to the committee, to those who nominated me and seconded my nomination and especially to <__>, without whom I would not have won this award.