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CodeMash 2022
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CodeMash 2019
GANGConf Keeps it going in Detroit
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"How Cloud Computing Empowers a Data Scientist" at 2018 IT Camp in Romania
"Own Your Own Career" presentation at 2018 IT Camp in Romania
Romanian Rhapsody 2018
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Keith Casey on The Tech Events Network
My South American Expedition 2017
I was interviewed for the “Developer on Fire” podcast
A Return to Stockholm and DevSum 2017
Bob Waltenspiel and Dave Phillips on IT In The D
Returning to Romania for IT Camp
Achievement Unlocked: My Iowa User Group Tour
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - April 2017 and Beyond
A Pinned List of Tech Events
Central Region Community events
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - February 2017 and Beyond
Want to speak at a conference? Submit to these!
A Microsoft practice in a non-Microsoft company
The Inaugural TechBash brings developers to another Kalahari
Shawn Wildermuth on the "Hello World" Road Trip
AngularJS and TypeScript presentation at GeekFest
My Upcoming Presentations - August 2026 and Beyond
Central Region community events
Azure and the Modern Data Center
MadHacks Spring Fever 2016
2016 Global Azure Boot Camp – Chicago Edition
Southeast Michigan JavaScript meetup is now on Channel 9
Basia Fusinska on Conference Speakers and Presentations
CodeMash 2016
GR DevNight organizers transform a user group
Detroit Dev Day 2015
Bomb Jokes, Free Speech, and Consequences of Posting without Thinking
Chicagoland Influencers Summit brings together local tech leaders
DevSpace 2015
MS Dev Show
2015 That Conference recap
Interacting with JavaScript developers at Midwest JS
Codestock 2015
My Sessions from IT Camp Now Online
Swedish Rhapsody 2015
Transylvanian Rhapsody 2015
Chicago Coder Conference mixes .NET with its Java
Fired Up About Ignite
An Era Comes to an End as INETA Closes Shop
Chicago Code Camp recap
Esther Lee and Fernanda Saraiva on MVP Virtual Conference
US MVP Open Days
Kalamazoo X 2015 recap
A Free Web Camp is coming to a city near you
Chicago Coder Conference .NET track
CodeMash 2015 Recap
St. Louis Days of .NET Recap
Laura Eagin and LeeAnn Drees on Girl Develop It
Bill Wagner and Tony Surma on Humanitarian Toolbox
Romanian Rhapsody - Part 2: IT Camp
Pittsburgh TechFest 2014 recap
Rockford Developers on Building a Tech Community
Refactor Your Dev Skills at Dev Days 2014
For Jim Weirich, 1956-2014
TechReady Recap
Magnus Martensson on Global Windows Azure Boot Camp
Javier Lozano on GeekShare
Download Apps to Help MIGANG Win Prizes
Download Apps to help CNUG Win Prizes
Windows 8 Hackathon coming to Michigan
2013 Southwest Fox Recap
DevConnections 2013 Recap
Bar Camp Tampa Bay 2013 Recap
Gene Powell, Jamie Wright, and Don Miller on Seed CoWorking
2013 MVP Award
Holly Bertoncini on Telerik Influencer Programs
Tech Ed 2013 Recap
Shawn Weisfeld on
Stan Schultes on Bar Camps, Economic Summits, and SparkGrowth
2013 Microsoft Global MVP Summit Recap
Sogeti and Meatballs with a Side of Technology
2013 CodeMash Recap
Kent Fehribach and Matt Ruma on Growing a User Group
1DevDay 2012 recap
Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell on The .NET Rocks Road Trip
Please give your feedback on this proposed conference
Bringing Good Speakers from Far Away
Local Speakers Can Enhance Your Local Event
DotNETRocks Invades Michigan
Ian Felton on Marching Mountains
Tampa Code Camp retrospective: Picking up the Thrown Gauntlet
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - September 2012 and Beyond
DotNETRocks Coming to Michigan Oct 9!
Randy Pagels on What's New In Visual Studio 2010
That Conference recap
Mike Wood at GANG: Continuum (of the Windows Azure Variety)
Driving Attendance at a Community Event
Day of Azure video: Azure Q&A Experts Panel
Day of Azure video: Dennis Burton on node.js and Azure
aspConf Demos and Slides
Day of Azure video: Jason Follas on Geospatial Data With Azure
Day of Azure video: Michael Collier on WP7 and Azure
Day of Azure Video: Mark Stanislav on Cloud Disaster Recovery
Day of Azure video: Brian Prince on Architectural Patterns For The Cloud
Gael Fraiteur at GANG: An Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming with PostSharp
Renewed as a Microsoft MVP
Gael Fraiteur user group tour
2012 Tech Ed North America recap
Anticipating my first Tech Ed
2012 INETA Community Leadership Summit
Glenn Block at GANG: Node.js, Web API, Oh My!
Joe Guadagno on INETA
2012 Kalamazoo X Recap
Orlando Code Camp Recap
Detroit Day of Azure is coming!
Rich Dudley on Event Sponsorship
Building Technical User Communities
Suzanna Moran on Women In Technology
Data Visualization slides
Featured bio at Detroit Dev Digest
Paul Litwin and Suzanna Moran on Geeks Giving Back
Looking back on another year of GANG
Community and Consulting: Is there time for both?
Videos shown at GANG10
Hear me on Community Megaphone podcast
A User Group Celebrates 10 Years
Richard Campbell takes over the heartland
Richard Campbell Heartland Tour
Get off your butt and volunteer for a Give Camp! Now!!!
Upcoming speaking schedule - August 2011 and Beyond
Lansing Day of .Net recap
Brian Prince presents A Lap Around Windows Azure at MIGANG
My INETA Approval Criteria
Codestock 2011 Recap
Chicago Code Camp recap
Kalamazoo X 2011
Telerik Insiders program
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - April 2011 and Beyond
G Andrew Duthie on Community Megaphone
Heather Kostes and Nicolle Moser on the MVP Program
2011 User Group Goals
Community Panel Discussion
Gary Short talks Refactoring at GANG
Richard Campbell on Developers in Developing Nations
A banner year for our GANG
Mike and Cicelie Neel on Geek Relationships
Community Megaphone podcast
Lexington is Da Bomb!
Sarah Dutkiewicz on Social Media
DevLink 2010
Len Smith JavaScript presentation at GANG
Putting on a Great Conference
Steve Andrews on GeekGive
Codestock slideshow
Hey, guess what? I'm an MVP!
Codestock 2010 Recap
Drinking from the Fire Hose
2010 Central Ohio Day of .Net
Chris Marinos F# presentation at GANG
John Hopkins and Jason Follas on the Ann Arbor Day of .Net
Michael Eaton on Kalamazoo X
Kalamazoo X 2010 recap
Dave Bost on The Thirsty Developer
Jim Holmes on CodeMash 2010
Slides and demos from MEF presentation
Mike Wood and James Bender on NPlus1
Motor City Codeslingers
Doc List on Open Spaces
MEF in the Buckeye state
Ohio user group tour
Goals for GANG in 2010
CodeMash - Day 2
CodeMash - Day 1
CodeMash - Day 0
January Speaking Schedule
Reflections on 2009
Pair Programming event
Why CodeMash Rocks
Chris Woodruff on Grand Rapids Give Camp
Grand Rapids Give Camp exceeds expectations
Stephen Toub talks Parallel Computing in Southfield October 30
Chris Hay on US and UK developer communities
My favorite podcasts
DevLink and Link Wray
Dennis Burton on Lansing Day of .Net
DevLink 2009 recap
John Kellar on DevLink 2009
Looking forward to DevLink 2009
Organizer looks to expand on successful 2009 Give Camp
Michael Eaton on the Ann Arbor Give Camp
Contribupendence Day, Part Deux
Mike Neel on CodeStock 2009
Look for me at CodeStock
Jeff Blankenburg on Stir Trek
Lansing Give Camp success
McWherters and Harrises on the Lansing Give Camp
Kalamazoo X recap
So What Is A Give Camp Anyway?
Central Ohio Day of .Net recap
Learn Soft Skills at the Kalamazoo X Conference
West Michigan .Net University recap
Upcoming speaking schedule - March 2009 and Beyond
West Michigan .Net University is coming
Michael Eaton on Michigan Give Camps
Jim Holmes on CodeMash
Matt Pizzimenti on
Mark Hindsbo on Microsoft and the Developer Community
Celebrating my NVP-ness
Tim Adams interviewing me interviewing him
Mike Wood talks about building community
Alan Stevens discusses open spaces technology
CodeMash photos
CodeMash wrapup
CodeMash - Day 1
CodeMash inspired my community involvement
Day of .Net recap
My Dinner with the Agile Summer Campers
'The Great Pork Chop Incident of Carrolton, KY', or 'How I learned to stop worrying and love the bus'
DevLink 2008: Open Spaces and more
Contribupendence Day - Reprise
Happy Contribupendence Day
Ann Arbor Give Camp July 11-13
Lansing Day Of .Net
West Michigan Day of .Net 2008
Day of .Net
Code To Live