What I liked about "Continuous Integration in .NET" by Marcin Kawalerowicz and Craig Berntson is that it does not assume any prior knowledge of continuous integration (CI) by the reader. It begins by discuss CI - its theory, goals, and tools - and it moves on from there.

It's often difficult for an organization to achieve CI all at once, so this book walks the reader through the various pieces of CI - source control, automated build, unit testing, continuous feedback, analysis, deployment. They go into detail on each concept, showing step-by-step how to get there with a variety of tools.

Kawalerowicz and Berntson take care not to focus on a single tool. The implementation of each concept is shown using Cruise Control .NET, Team City, and Team Foundation Server.

Continuous Integration in .NET is a very good book to get you up and running with automated build and deployment processes and moving into continuous integration, even if you have no experience with these concepts.