December 2013 Gratitudes

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Today I am grateful for a day in East Lansing with my son Tim.

Today I am grateful that I've been able this month to get rid of so much of the junk I've acquired these past 10 years.

Today I am grateful that 4 of my apps were approved by the Windows Store this morning.

Today I am grateful for Christmas dinner at my sister's house, surrounded by my family.

Today I am grateful that God loved us enough to send us his only son. Blessed Christmas, my friends.

Today I am grateful that my friend John, from whom I hadn't heard in years, called me out of the blue yesterday for no reason. We talked for over an hour.

Today I am grateful that the ice storm that paralyzed much of the state missed my neighborhood.

"Why were you late tonight, son?" "On my way here, I saw a woman begging on the side of the road. She was standing in the freezing rain with no jacket. So I went home and picked up my old jacket and drove it back to give it to her." "OK, I guess that's a pretty good excuse." That is what I am grateful for today.

Today I am grateful to have both my sons home for the holiday season.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity last night to speak at my first Demo Camp Lansing.

Today I am grateful for pizza, drinks, and fellowship at the #MIGANG Holiday Party last night.

Today I am grateful to have my son Tim home for a few weeks. It was totally worth driving 13 hours through a snowstorm yesterday to pick him up.

Today I am grateful my latest app was accepted in the Windows store.

Today I am grateful for all the stuff I sold on eBay last week, removing clutter and providing me with Christmas cash.

Today I am grateful to all those who braved the snowstorm yesterday to build apps with us at the DevUnleashed Hackathon.

Today I am grateful that: 1. I was invited to 2 holiday parties hosted by 2 great organizations in Toledo - Seed Co-Working and TechToledo 2. I ran into some old colleagues I did not expect to see again. 3. Lunch with my old team at Heidtman - one of the best teams I've ever been on.

Today I am grateful for the blanket of snow surrounding my house on this sunny day.

Today I am grateful for a break in my 500-mile round-trip commute until next year.

Today I am grateful for dinner last night with old friends and for the chance to meet a few new, very interesting people.

Today I am grateful that I had the chance this weekend to apologize personally for a mistake I made years ago.

Today I am grateful for: 1. A Spartan victory, a BIG10 Championship, and a trip to the Rose Bowl 2. Being able to attend the championship game last night - one of the most exciting games I've ever seen. 3. Watching the game with my son Tim and my friends Bryan, Patrick, and John. 4. Running into old friends Debora, David, and Sue and sharing a post-game drink with them. 5. John finding us a reasonably-priced hotel room for the weekend. 6. Being able to make it back to the hotel safely after driving hundreds of miles throughout the night.

Today I am grateful that I missed the storms in southern Indiana while driving last night.

Today I am grateful I was able to find a reasonably-priced hotel in downtown Chicago.

Today I am grateful for the kindness and hospitality of Pat Patrick Affholter and their wife who opened his home to me, saving me a lot of late-night/early-morning driving.

Today I am grateful for the warm reception the um Design + Business group gave to this Spartan last night as I taught them about Data Visualization.

Today I am grateful to the team that created Doctor Who and to those who recommended this excellent show to me.

Today I am grateful for 1. A chance to spend so much time this week with my son Timmy, who was home from college on Thanksgiving break. 2. Dinner last night with my friend Bryan. 3. Another Spartan victory.

Today I am grateful for a day in East Lansing, meeting many old friends and dinner with Darlene and her family.

Today I am grateful for 1. Thanksgiving dinner with my family. 2. My cousin Kevin Gill deciding to spend Thanksgiving with my mother in Florida.