I use the following to record an interview

  • My video camera
  • Tripod
  • Wireless microphone and base


I record with a Canon GL-2 video camera, which is a “Pro-Am” camera, meaning a camera that is higher quality than most cameras marketed at amateurs, but lower cost than cameras for professionals. This camera has served me for years. Luckily video cameras do not become obsolete nearly as quickly as other technologies (I’m thinking of you, 2005 Digital Camera). You can probably get by with a much cheaper camera than mine, especially if you are producing your show for the web. But I already owned this one when I decided to start recording my show, so it is the logical choice for me.


Since I work alone, I need to affix the camera on a tripod. I use a Vanguard New Tourist 5 telescoping tripod. It’s strong, lightweight and collapses to fit easily into a backpack. Prior to the interview, I verify that the subject and I are both in frame and that we fill the frame. I am able to swivel the viewer on my camera, allowing me to see the LCD image, even when the camera is pointing at me.


The GL-2 includes a built-in microphone, but the sound quality was not acceptable, so I purchased a wireless microphone. This microphone sits between me and my guest, and a receiving unit plugs into the camera. This setup provides much higher sound quality. I also purchased a steel to hold the microphone upright. I’m currently looking to upgrade to a better quality microphone than the Radio Shack brand I currently use. For this show, a wireless microphone is not necessary because we tend to remain stationary during the interview.