In 2010, I released 68 episodes of my online TV show - Technology and

I've tried and failed to select my 10 favorite shows. I recognize that some shows are better than others, but I found it hard to whittle a top 20 down to a top 10. I feel strongly about the first two episodes on this list, but the remaining 8 could change depending on the day or my mood. In any event, I'm proud of the show and proud of each episode listed below.

Episode 100
This milestone episode featured clips from previous show. It's light-hearted and entertaining and I think it turned out really well.

Episode 131: 2010 Ann Arbor Give Camp
I'm particularly proud of this one because of the effort I put into it. I started with almost 5 hours of video and somehow got it down to under 20 minutes. I think it captures the spirit of Give Camp very well.

Episode 76-Gary Short on Technical Debt
Gary carries this episode with his humor and intelligence.

Episode 81-Jennifer Marsman on Windows 7 Development
Jennifer always packs a ton into her presentations, so it's no surprise her interview turned out great. All I had to do was ask a couple open-ended questions and listen.

Episode 105-Nathan Blevins on Mindstorm
This is one of the first shows I did with a prop. Nathan showed off a robot and the software that runs it.

Episode 123-Joe Ross on Ford Sync
I like this one because it is a different perspective. The whole interview was filmed in the front seat of a car and we get a close look at the Sync hardware.

Episode 88-Cameron Skinner on VS2010 Architecture Tools
Cameron had a full schedule but made time to share his experience with me. Lots of informaiton in this one.

Episode 77-Mike Amundsen on HTTP and REST
This is a topic that often makes my head spin. I included it because I learned so much from Mike.

Episode 111-Mike Wood on Moving to the Cloud
This conversation isn't extremely technical, but Mike brings up some great points to consider when choosing a technology.

Episode 78-Jim Holmes on Unit Testing
Almost a year later, I still get a lot of comments on this one.