AI (52)  ●

AI (52)

GCast 176: Using Azure AI Document Intelligence Studio
Raj Krishnan on the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence
GCast 175: Getting Started with Azure OpenAI and Azure OpenAI Studio
Chris Nicholas on Enterprise Acceleration of AI
GCast 174: Using M365 Copilot with Microsoft Teams
Scott Kramer and Randy Dojutrek on The impact of AI on Tech Jobs
GCast 173: Creating an AI Solution with Copilot Studio
GCast 171: Making GitHub Copilot Use Your Coding Standards
Jordan Thayer on the AI Landscape
GCast 170: Getting Started with GitHub Copilot
Cameron Turner on Predictive and Generative AI
Preparing for the Microsoft AI-102 Exam
D'Arcy Lussier on Microsoft's OpenAI Journey and Strategy
Nisaini Rexach on AI in Education
Mike Richter on Taking AI Apps to Production on Azure
Creating an Azure Machine Learning Workspace
A Brief Overview of Responsible AI
Understanding the Types of Artificial Intelligence
Nikki Conley on Video Indexer
GCast 149: Having Fun with ChatGPT
GCast 148: Working with ChatGPT
Chander Dhall on AI in Azure, Google, and AWS
Michael Mishal on Reinforcement Learning
Jeff Blankenburg on AI Assistants in the Future
Nick Kwiatkowski on Dialogflow CX
Sam Nasr on Cognitive Services
Ovetta Sampson on Mindful and Ethical AI
GCast 109: Using the Video Indexer AI Tool
Matthew Renze on the AI Developers Toolkit
Kevin Ashley on AI for Design Art and Games
Alexandria Storm on Natural Language Processing and Inclusion
Irma Mesa on Cafecito
Damian Brady on MLOps
Martin Kearn on Document Recognition and Knowledge Extraction
GCast 65: AI, Whale Sharks, and WildBook
GCast 63: Sentiment Analysis JavaScript Demo
GCast 62: Sentiment Analysis Cognitive Service
A Sample JavaScript App Using the Bing Spell Check API
Calling the Bing Spell Check Service
Creating a Bing Spell Check Service
GCast 59: Cognitive Services Text Recognition service
John Alexander on ML.NET
Calling Cognitive Services OCR Service from a .NET Application
Using the Cognitive Services OCR Service
Getting Started with the Cognitive Services Computer Vision API
Jennifer Marsman on AI for Earth
GCast 32: Handwriting OCR with Cognitive Services
GCast 31: OCR with Cognitive Services
GCast 30: Creating Applications with the Analyze Image Cognitive Services API
Introducing Cognitive Services and Computer Vision
GCast 28: Natural Language Processing with LUIS
Silviu Niculita on Chatbots