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.Net (91)

GCast 177: Getting Started with NET Aspire
Jeff Fritz on .NET Conf
Reflections on My Introduction to .NET on Its 20th Anniversary
Joe Kunk on SQL+.NET
GCast 110: Renaming Projects and Folders in a Visual Studio Solution
J Tower on the .NET CLI
Walt Ritscher on Try .NET
Phil Japikse on .NET Core Support Cycle
Episode 580: Jason Bock on .NET Core 3
Passing a binary file to a web service from a .NET app
Jon Galloway on the .NET Foundation
J Tower on .NET Standard
Mike Benkovich on Visual Studio 2019
Jeremy Miller on Automated Testing in .NET Core
Jon Skeet on Versioning
John Azariah on Quantum Computing
Using C# to FTP a File
Gael Fraiteur on PostSharp 5.0
Nick Landry on .NET Framework and .NET Core
Ed Charbeneau on Expressions in .NET
Rocking with Elvis: The C# Null Coalescing Operator
Alex Turner on .NET Async
Patrick Delancy on .NET Memory Management
Calling an External Assembly from SSRS
Samidip Basu on Windows 8
Scott Hanselman on Visual Studio 2012
Pete Brown on .NET Gadgeteer
Getting Started With Coded UI Tests
Gael Fraiteur on Aspect-Oriented Programming
Jeff Fritz on QUnit-Metro
Mark Defalco on Project Detroit
Gael Fraiteur user group tour
More Free Stuff from Microsoft
Encrypting and Decrypting application config sections
Kathleen Dollard at GANG: .NET Framework Core Features
Moving Config Sections to External Files
GANG10: Godfrey Nolan on Executable Requirements or BDD in .NET
GANG10: Bill Wagner on Async
Seth Juarez at GANG: Machine Learning
Dustin Campbell on Roslyn
Passing Parameters to SQL Server
Mads Torgersen on CSharp 5
Creating a SharePoint Full Trust Proxy
Stephen Walther on the Ajax toolkit
Seth Juarez on Kinect Development
Justin Etheridge on LINQ
Pickering, Marinos, and Minerich on F#
Kevin Pilch-Bisson on Asynchronous Programming in the next versions of C# and VB
Josh Holmes on WebMatrix
John Hopkins and Jason Follas on the Ann Arbor Day of .Net
Debbie Must on Deployment
Unit Testing Private Methods
TimeOuts in ADO.Net
Stephen Toub on Parallel Computing
Writing a Windows Service in .Net
Stephen Toub talks Parallel Computing in Southfield October 30
Chris Woodruff on RIA Services
HopeMongers helps people help the needy of the world
David Truxall on Debugging
Sogeti Grok Talk online: Debugging with WinDbg
Nathan Blevins on Microsoft Robotics Studio
Phil Japikse on HopeMongers.org
Extensions Methods in C#
Automatically PING a URL
Why MEF?
Use Microsoft SkyDrive to share files
Central Ohio Day of .Net recap
Speaking at Central Ohio Day of .Net
Randy Pagels on Visual Studio Team System
The Basics of Caching and Microsoft Velocity
Phil Japikse on Application Deployment
Speaking at Day of .Net Oct 18
MEF and Velocity slides
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - September 2008 and Beyond
Speaking in Toledo next week
MVC Tutorial 3: Using an ID to specify an individual model object
MVC Tutorial 2: Adding custom models, views and controllers
Visual Studio cannot shut down because a modal dialog is open
MVC Tutorial 1: The ASP.Net MVC Sample app demystified
Overview of Microsoft ASP.Net MVC
Dave's Data Dude series
Data Dude tutorial 5 - Using the Data Compare tool
Data Dude tutorial 4 - Writing Database Unit Tests
Data Dude tutorial 3 - Using Schema Compare tool to deploy database changes
Data Dude tutorial 2 - Using Schema Compare tool to update a database project
Data Dude tutorial 1 - Creating a database project
The Goodness of Data Dude
Microsoft Distributed Cache, aka "Velocity"
Managed Extensibility Framework
Launch recap
'Heroes Happen Here' comes to Detroit