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ADX (19)

Azure Data Explorer Articles and Videos
GCast 123: Ingesting Into an ADX Table From an Azure Storage Blob
GCast 122: Azure Data Explorer Materialized Views
Ingesting Data from Azure Storage Blobs into an ADX Table
ADX User-Defined Scalar Functions
GCast 121: Analyzing Geographic Data with KQL
Working with ADX Materialized Views
GCast 120: Analyzing Time Series Data with KQL
Geo Functions in KQL
Analyzing ADX Time Series Data with KQL
GCast 119: Kusto Query Language Basics
Kusto Query Language Basics
Using ADX Commands to Manage ADX Tables
GCast 118: Managing Azure Data Explorer Tables with ADX Commands
Creating an Azure Data Explorer Table
Creating an ADX Database
Creating an Azure Data Explorer Cluster
The Advantages of Azure Data Explorer
GCast 117: Getting Started with Azure Data Explorer