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Upcoming Speaking Schedule - April 2024 and Beyond
Upcoming Speaking Schedule, February 2023 and Beyond
Javier Lozano on Virtual Conferences
David Neal on Hand Drawn Illustrations for Powerful Storytelling
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - May 2019 and Beyond
Geisa Faustino on Teaching
GANGConf Keeps it going in Detroit
"Building and Training your own Custom Image Recognition AI" presentation at NDC-Oslo
"How Cloud Computing Empowers a Data Scientist" at 2018 IT Camp in Romania
"Own Your Own Career" presentation at 2018 IT Camp in Romania
Cloud Computing and Data Science at Chicago AI & Data Science Conference
Norwegian Good 2018
Romanian Rhapsody 2018
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - September 2017 and Beyond
Boris Hristov on Technical Presentations
A Return to Stockholm and DevSum 2017
Returning to Romania for IT Camp
Achievement Unlocked: My Iowa User Group Tour
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - April 2017 and Beyond
A Pinned List of Tech Events
Central Region Community events
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - February 2017 and Beyond
Want to speak at a conference? Submit to these!
The Inaugural TechBash brings developers to another Kalahari
AngularJS and TypeScript presentation at GeekFest
My Upcoming Presentations - August 2026 and Beyond
2016 Global Azure Boot Camp – Chicago Edition
My Upcoming Events - April 2016 and Beyond
Basia Fusinska on Conference Speakers and Presentations
GR DevNight organizers transform a user group
Detroit Dev Day 2015
DevSpace 2015
2015 That Conference recap
Interacting with JavaScript developers at Midwest JS
Swedish Rhapsody 2015
Xamarin Kicks off Dev Days Tour in Chicago
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - February 2015 and Beyond
Romanian Rhapsody - Part 2: IT Camp
Refactor Your Dev Skills at Dev Days 2014
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - April 2014 and Beyond
Upcoming First-Party Events - April 2014 and Beyond
Slides and Demos from this week
Javier Lozano on GeekShare
Flying Solo
2013 Southwest Fox Recap
DevConnections 2013 Recap
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - August 2013 and Beyond
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - August 2013 and More
Tech Ed 2013 Recap
Slides and Demos from CodeMash jQuery presentation
Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell on The .NET Rocks Road Trip
Please give your feedback on this proposed conference
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - October 2012 and Beyond
Tampa Code Camp retrospective: Picking up the Thrown Gauntlet
Speaker Horror Stories, Giard edition
Data Visualization slides
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - September 2012 and Beyond
Azure Storage video now online
HTML5 Presentation video now online
I won!
Anticipating my first Tech Ed
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - June 2012 and Beyond
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - March 2012 and Beyond
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - October 2011 and Beyond
Richard Campbell Heartland Tour
Upcoming speaking schedule - August 2011 and Beyond
I was Deep-Fried
Kalamazoo X 2011
'Going Independent' panel discussion
Slides from Data Visualization presentation
Demo Code in a console app
Telerik Insiders program
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - April 2011 and Beyond
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - February 2011 and Beyond
October Speaking Schedule
Community Megaphone podcast
Lexington is Da Bomb!
August Speaking Schedule
Cloud Camp Detroit
Upcoming speaking schedule - April 2010 and Beyond
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - March 2010 and Beyond
Ohio user group tour
January Speaking Schedule
Final presentation of 2009 (probably)
October speaking schedule
Speaking in Findlay August 25
"Beyond Bullet Points" by Cliff Atkinson
NPlus1 Architecture Summit is coming
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - July 2009 and Beyond
CodesStock 2009 recap
Look for me at CodeStock
Upcoming speaking and listening schedule
MEF Presentation slides and demos
Kalamazoo X recap
Chris Woodruff and Bill Miller on the West Michigan .Net University
Central Ohio Day of .Net recap
Learn Soft Skills at the Kalamazoo X Conference
Speaking at Central Ohio Day of .Net
West Michigan .Net University recap
Mesh and Live Services slides and demos
Upcoming speaking schedule - March 2009 and Beyond
West Michigan .Net University is coming
'SQL 101' at West Michigan .Net University
Speaking at ArcReady November 25
MEF slides
Day of .Net recap
Speaking at Day of .Net Oct 18
MEF and Velocity slides
Upcoming Speaking Schedule - September 2008 and Beyond
Speaking in Toledo next week
Security Presentation Encore
Friday's DevCares event
Speaking at DevCares tomorrow