Azure (319)  ●

Azure (319)

GCast 138: Granting Azure Active Directory Permissions to an Application Registration
GCast 137: Registering an Application with Azure Active Directory
GCast 136: Creating an Azure Active Directory User
Azure Identity Management with Microsoft Graph
Connecting an Azure Application Gateway to App Services
Creating a Web App as an Azure App Service
Registering an Azure Account Subscription
Creating an Azure Active Directory B2C Tenant
GCast 135: Deploying a Web App to Azure from VS Code
Using the MS Graph API
Granting Azure Active Directory Permissions to an App Registration
Creating a JWT Bearer Token
Generating a Client Secret for an Azure Application
Creating a new Active Directory User
GCast 133: Configuring an Azure App Service Identity Provider
GCast 132: Managing Azure Key Vault Secrets from a .NET App
Brian Gorman on Messaging, Queueing, and Eventing in Azure
GCast 130: Creating an Azure Key Vault
Creating an Azure Application Insights Service
Configuring an Identity Provider in an Azure App Service
Deploying a Web App to Azure from Visual Studio Code
Managing Key Vault Secrets from a .NET Console App
Registering an Application in Azure AD
Creating an Azure Key Vault Secret in the Portal
Creating an Azure Key Vault
The Azure Well-Architected Framework Provides Guidance for Building, Deploying, and Maintaining a Robust Cloud App
Henning Rauch and Vincent Philippe Lauzon on Azure Data Explorer
Douglas Starnes on Python and Azure
Shannon Kuehn on Workload Identity Federation
Azure Data Explorer Articles and Videos
Mihai Tataran on the Microsoft Azure Well Architected Framework
Ingesting Data from Azure Storage Blobs into an ADX Table
ADX User-Defined Scalar Functions
ADX User-Defined Tabular Data Functions
GCast 121: Analyzing Geographic Data with KQL
Working with ADX Materialized Views
GCast 120: Analyzing Time Series Data with KQL
Geo Functions in KQL
Analyzing ADX Time Series Data with KQL
GCast 119: Kusto Query Language Basics
Kusto Query Language Basics
Using ADX Commands to Manage ADX Tables
GCast 118: Managing Azure Data Explorer Tables with ADX Commands
Creating an Azure Data Explorer Table
Creating an ADX Database
Creating an Azure Data Explorer Cluster
The Advantages of Azure Data Explorer
GCast 117: Getting Started with Azure Data Explorer
GCast 116: Azure Active Directory B2C Token Generation With No User Interaction
Sam Nasr on Cognitive Services
GCast 115: Registering an Azure Account Subscription
GCast 114: Creating an Azure Active Directory B2C Tenant
Eric Potter on Kusto Query Language
Shahed Chowdhuri on Azure Arc
Becky Gaudet on the Azure Commercial Marketplace
Joel Cochran on Azure Synapse
Azure Media Services articles and videos
GCast 109: Using the Video Indexer AI Tool
Dani Diaz on IoT and Azure Percept
Ted Neward on Technology Culture
Dave Hoerster on Azure Active Directory B2C
GCast 106: Audio Transcription and Captioning with Azure Media Services
Christos Matskas on Microsoft Identity Platform
GCast 105: Analyzing a Video with Azure Media Services
GCast 104: Sharing a Video Online with Azure Media Services
GCast 103: Encode a Video with Azure Media Services
Live Streaming with Azure Media Services
GCast 102: Video Files and Azure Media Services
Adding Captions and Subtitles to to an Azure Media Services Video Embedded in a Web Page
Audio Transcription with Azure Media Services
GCast 101: Azure Resource Groups
Analyzing Audio and Video with Azure Media Services
Adding an Adaptive Azure Media Services Video to a Web Page
Generate a Streaming URL with Azure Media Services
Encoding Videos and other Media with Azure Media Services
Uploading a File to Azure Media Services
An Introduction to Azure Media Services
Mike Benkovich on GitHub Actions and Visual Studio
GCast 98: Using the Azure Storage Explorer
Using Azure Resource Groups
Kyle Bunting and Joel Hulen on Data Engineering in Azure
Creating and using a MinIO Gateway for Azure
Omkar Naik on Microsoft Cloud for Health Care
Rik Hepworth on Azure Governance
Magnus Martensson on the Cloud Adoption Framework
GCast 95: Creating a MinIO Agent for Azure Blob Storage
Peter de Tender on Azure Certification
Donovan Brown on App Innovations
GCast 87: Logging to Azure Application Insights from a Java Spring Boot Application
Jaidev Kunjur on Azure Integration Tools
GCast 77: Connecting Azure Synapse to External Data
GCast 75: Creating an Azure SQL Server Logical Server
GCast 74: Continuous Deployment with Azure DevOps
Azure Integration Accounts and Logic Apps
Creating an Azure Logic App
GCast 73: Build an Azure DevOps Release Pipeline
Migrating a Power Automate Flow to an Azure Logic App
Comparing Azure Logic Apps with Microsoft Power Automate
GCast 71: Integrating Visual Studio Solution with Azure DevOps Repo
Tibi Covaci on Migrating to the Cloud
GCast 66: Creating a Repo in Azure DevOps
Raj Krishnan on Azure Data Explorer
GCast 63: Sentiment Analysis JavaScript Demo
GCast 62: Sentiment Analysis Cognitive Service
Creating an Azure SQL Data Warehouse
A Sample JavaScript App Using the Bing Spell Check API
Calling the Bing Spell Check Service
Creating a Bing Spell Check Service
Ruth Yakubu on Machine Learning tools in Azure
GCast 58: Creating and Deploying Azure Resources with ARM Templates
Databricks Articles
GCast 57: Azure Data Factory GitHub Deployment
Calling the "Recognize Text" Cognitive Service from a .NET Application
Converting Images to Text with the "Recognize Text" API
GCast 56: Azure Web App Deployment Slots
Databricks pt 3: Creating an Azure Databricks Notebook
Databricks pt 2: Creating an Azure Databricks Cluster
Databricks pt 1: Creating an Azure Databricks Service
GCast 55: GitHub Deployment to an Azure Web App
Linking an Azure Data Factory to a GitHub Repository
Laurent Bugnion on Migrating Data to Azure
Creating an Azure Data Factory and Pipeline
GCast 54: Azure Storage Replication
Getting Started with Azure Data Lake Storage
GCast 53: Creating a Data Warehouse in Azure
Calling Cognitive Services OCR Service from a .NET Application
Calling Cognitive Service OCR service from JavaScript
Elton Stoneman on Docker
Using the Cognitive Services OCR Service
GCast 51: Creating an Azure Container Instance
Getting Started with the Cognitive Services Computer Vision API
Eric Boyd on Microservices
David Makogon on Streaming Data
Guaranteed High Availability in Azure
Frank Gill on Azure SQL Database Managed Instances
Brent Stineman on the Evolution of Serverless
Azure Search REST API
Adding Devices to an Azure IoT Hub
Creating an Azure IoT Hub
GCast 38: Azure Search
The Power of The Internet of Things
Using the Azure Search REST API
GCast 37: Managing Blobs with the Azure Storage Explorer
Importing and Indexing Table Data in Azure Search
Creating an Azure Search Service
GCast 36: Managing Tables with the Azure Storage Explorer
Introducing Cognitive Services and Computer Vision
Elizabeth Graham on Azure Logic Apps
GCast 28: Natural Language Processing with LUIS
Alex Mang on Azure Durable Functions
GCast 27: QnAMaker
GCast 26: Creating a Chatbot in the Azure Portal
How to Create a Proxy for an Azure Function
GCast 24: Azure Function CosmosDB Binding
Configure Continuous Deployment of Azure Functions
Parallel Durable Azure Functions
Brady Gaster on Marketing Azure
Azure Durable Functions
GCast 23: Azure Logic Apps
CosmosDB binding in Azure Functions
Create a Function App in Visual Studio
Testing an Azure Function in the Azure Portal
GCast 22: Creating an Azure Function Proxy
Creating an Azure Function in the Azure Portal
Creating an Azure Function App in the Azure Portal
Azure Functions provide a simple, flexible way to deploy and execute code
GCast 21: Azure Functions Continuous Deployment
Creating an Azure CosmosDB account
GCast 20: Creating an Azure Function in Visual Studio
Rajasa Savant on Serverless Azure
Creating an Azure Function in the Azure Portal
GCast 18: Azure Data Factory
GCast 17: Azure CosmosDB with Other APIs
GCast 16: Azure CosmosDB with SQL API
GCast 15: Creating an Azure Web App
Calling a Microsoft Chatbot from a web page
Creating an Azure Storage Account
Installing Node Packages for Azure Functions
GCast 13: Azure Media Services - Closed Captioning
Using Azure Storage
GCast 12: Azure Media Services: Live Streaming
GCast 11: Azure Media Services - Uploading, Encoding, and Sharing a Video
Changing the Replication Type of an Azure Storage Account
Adding Closed Captions to a Video with Azure Media Services
Using Azure Media Services to Live Stream Video
Uploading, Encoding, and Sharing a Video with Azure Media Services
GCast 9: Azure Linux Virtual Machines
"How Cloud Computing Empowers a Data Scientist" at 2018 IT Camp in Romania
GCast 8: Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Storage Tiers explained
GCast 7: Azure MySQL Database
GCast 6: Azure SQL Database
GCast 5: Azure Databricks
GCast 4: Azure Notebooks
A Brief Intro to MySQL
Cloud Computing and Data Science at Chicago AI & Data Science Conference
GCast 3: Creating and Deploying a Predictive Web Services with Azure ML Studio
GCast 2: Azure Machine Learning Studio
GCast 1: A Lap Around Cloud and Azure
Adding a Disk to an Azure Virtual Machine
Creating an Azure Virtual Machine
Azure ML Studio Can Accelerate Building Machine Learning Solutions
Guillermo Bellman on Azure Service Fabric
The Azure Cloud Shell Empowers You to run Scripts in Your Browser
Radu Vunvulea on Surviving in the IoT World
DevRadio: Startup Stories: Fighting information overload with automated summarizations from Agolo
Anne Bougie on Azure Storage Options
Heather Downing on Alexa, Web API, and Azure
Jaidev Kunjur on Enterprise Integration
DevRadio:Microsoft Azure IP Advantage
Vibhu Bhutani on IoT Projects
Bryan Soltis on Azure Search
Big Data Tools in Azure
Jakub Jedryszek on the Azure Portal
Azure and the Modern Data Center
DevRadio: Startup Stories: An Interview with Sally Buberman and Ignacio Lopez from Wormhole
DevRadio: Startup Stories: An Interview with Victor Cintron, CEO of DimDrop
Raj Krishnan on the Azure Billing API
Startup CTOs on Azure
2016 Global Azure Boot Camp – Chicago Edition
Jeff Wilcox on What's New In Azure
Paul DeCarlo and Jeremy Foster on IoT Labs
Channel 9 interview about Azure Mobile Apps
DevRadio: Startup Stories: An Interview with Oisin Kim, CEO of Webdoctor
Matt Winkler on Azure Data Lake
"Fundamentals of Azure" by Michael Collier and Robin Shahan
Andrew Duthie on Sensors and IoT
DevRadio: Startup Stories: An Interview with Will Mallouk, CEO of Pixel Squad
GCast 10: Creating an Azure Web App
GCast 9: Creating an Azure Virtual Machine
DevRadio: Microsoft for Startups: An Interview with Richard Conway from Elasta Games
Creating an Azure Storage Account
Chris Risner on ASPNET on Linux and Mac
G-Cast 8: Creating an Azure Storage Account
Look at Me: I’m Learning Machine Learning!
Channel 9 interview with Seth Juarez
DevRadio: Community Corner: An Interview with Andy Abott from BookedOut
MS Dev Show
G-Cast 7: Azure Storage Replication
Jason Young on IoT, Microsoft Band, and PowerPoint
Azure Storage Replication Options Explained
G-Cast 6: Deploying to an Azure Web App from a Local Git Repository
G-Cast 4: Azure Mobile Services, Part 4 – Adding your own table to a service
G-Cast 3: Azure Mobile Services, Part 3 – Implementing Single Sign-On
More Videos of Azure IAAS / PowerShell Labs
G-Cast 2: Azure Mobile Services, Part 2 – Creating the Sample Table and Client
G-Cast 1: Azure Mobile Services, Part 1 – Creating a Mobile Service
New Video Series: Hands-On Labs to Learn Azure IAAS Automation with Powershell
Featured Guest on Azure Podcast
Jennifer Marsman on Mind Reading and Machine Learning
Alex Mang on Application Insights
My Sessions from IT Camp Now Online
Andy Cross on Big Data in Azure
Microsoft Azure Without Microsoft
Kris Wagner on Hot Parties in Azure
Dave Voyles on Azure Media Services
Backing Up an Azure Web App
Creating an Azure Storage Account
Creating a Web Site from the Azure Management Portal
Josh Holmes on Nitrogen
Azure Mobile Services Articles and Videos
Azure Mobile Services Labs Now Available
Chris Risner on Azure Mobile Services Offline Data
Pipe Dreams and Hack10
Charlie Chapman and Azhar Salahuddin on Azure Notification Hubs
Tim Benroeck on Advanced Azure Web Sites
Azure Mobile Service, Part 9: Exploring a .NET Mobile Service
Azure Mobile Service, Part 8: Creating and Publishing a .NET Mobile Service
Azure Mobile Service, Part 7: Push Notifications
Azure Mobile Service, Part 6: Single-Sign-On
Azure Mobile Service, Part 5: Permissions
Azure Mobile Service, Part 4: Exploring the Sample Client Universal App
Azure Mobile Service, Part 3: “Create an App” wizard
Azure Mobile Service, Part 2: Creating a New Mobile Service
Azure Mobile Services, Part 1: Overview
Quickly Scaling Services with Azure
Adam Grocholski on Azure Command-Line Tools
Microsoft’s BizSpark program offers free software and Azure hours to startups
Michael Collier on How to Think About Azure
Adam Jones on Data in Azure
Build 2014 – Day 2 Keynote
David Chappell on Barriers to the Public Cloud
Magnus Martensson on Global Windows Azure Boot Camp
Eric Boyd on Scaling Windows Azure
Hoop Somuah on Azure Services for Halo
Brady Gaster on Azure Web Sites
Rachel Appel on Azure Mobile Services
Creating Azure Virtual Machines
Creating Azure Virtual Machines
Creating Windows Azure Web Sites
Josh Harrison on Azure Access Control service
Mark Bostleman on an Azure Proof of Concept
“Azure In Action” by Brian Prince and Chris Hay
Jeff Nuckolls on Infrastructure as a Service
Michael Collier on New Azure Features
Azure Storage video now online
Day of Azure video: Azure Q&A Experts Panel
Day of Azure video: Dennis Burton on node.js and Azure
Day of Azure video: Eric Boyd on BI In The Cloud
aspConf Demos and Slides
Day of Azure video: Jason Follas on Geospatial Data With Azure
Day of Azure video: Michael Collier on WP7 and Azure
Day of Azure Video: Mark Stanislav on Cloud Disaster Recovery
Day of Azure video: Brian Prince on Architectural Patterns For The Cloud
Day of Azure video: Michael Collier on The Hybrid Windows Azure Application
Day of Azure video: Joe Kunk on "Windows Azure Data Marketplace"
Day of Azure video: John Ferringer on "Office 365"
Day of Azure video: Jennifer Marsman presents "Writing Your First Azure App"
Day of Azure video: Jennifer Marsman presents "Azure 101"
Day of Azure 2012 Keynote Video: Brent Stineman presents “When? Where? Why? Cloud?”
Brent Stineman on Azure as a Financial Institution
Clemens Vasters on Azure Service Bus
Detroit Day of Azure is coming!
Glenn Block on node.js
Brian Prince presents A Lap Around Windows Azure at MIGANG
Brent Stineman on Azure Design Patterns
Mike Wood on Moving to the Cloud
Josef Finsel on Azure Table Storage
Jennifer Marsman on Windows Azure